Personal Mission Essay

personal mission essay

I thought for a long what to write my narrative essay about and decided to choose the topic “Personal Mission”.

Every one of us before the start creates the vision of the goal. The image is created according to our thought. We base the vision on our experiences. Often children in the early childhood know that teacher is profession created for them. At school, they devote all their efforts and time to learn more. On the way of further development, they obtain the degree. In my opinion, the desire of being educator has a tighten connection with the mission people believe they have.

There was no clear understanding of notion difference between education and education system. However, the desire to be teacher or educator is not enough for achieving the goal to become professional on the way. The understanding that one comes in front of the class and delivers the lecture was the first one. It was connected with the image of the person who knows answers on all questions and know how to do he best to reach the goal. Within the time, there appeared the understanding that every teacher prepares for the classes. However, the point is that I hardly understood the difference between education and education system. For me everything was connected with reading books, making researches and explore the interesting topics. Nevertheless, if you want to be defined as a professional in teaching standards, than you should follow the set standards.

NBTPS or the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards sets standards for educational staff. The Congress of United States of America approved them in 2002. The President Bush signed following important document ESEA or the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The main point of it was to improve the children performance and control the quality of teachers work. The control was performed from that moment by the school districts. From the first point of view, it can seem that this law created the basis for development of the education system, educators and simplified the teaching process. However, the point it created more challenges instead. The law requires revision of existing strategies and ways of education development. On one hand, it provides an opportunity for the implementation of personalized approach in education. On the opposite, this means that the level of paper work will double, at least. In addition, teacher will face issues with inadequate funding, standardized tests, choice of the school, and scale of student’s achievements, home schooling and other factors that influence the process.

Such network can be the reason of the lack of the concentration on the relations between education, education system and social relationships. The main reason for this can be the poor performance of the educators, which are not able to follow the development dynamic of society. From this point of view, it is very important for the educator to catch the need of the society and manage the educational process, so that the results will be lasting. This is the main challenge of the educator, as the government tries to create standards, what means to educate everyone according to created model.

It is know that in the education process it is important to find approach to every student. Accordingly, this fact can lead education to reformation. Now it became obvious that education is developed into the product. The consumerist structure of society makes people to put everything on the stake, so they can secure the future for themselves.

Accordingly, it is important for educators to create develop and implement approaches that will be student oriented. The power that professional in education field have is enough to do this. Nevertheless, educators need to pass the certification and licensure processes, so they could practice. According to Kathy Christie 96% of states have overreaching set of standards. They are applied for all level of teaching scopes. Therefore, elementary school has the index of 65%. The middle school has 63% and the secondary education around 70%. Interesting, but the standardization process did not improve the performance indexes. However, this standardized procedure is quite similar to the one that is implemented by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The praxis is to encourage the best educators. This means that only those who achieved the standard rate are able to receive it. Others face the unequal treatment, as the result of their job depends on the material bases and realities they have to perform. Very rarely teacher and educator manage to develop the true interest of the students to learn. Often they face the fact that students call the education process boring waste of time. In this case, despite all standards set by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards or NCLB, for educator it is important to find the common language with the students.

The test evaluation system simplifies the college or university entrance process. However, for young students it creates the challenge, as within the short time period they have to cope up with the material. Moreover, the education requires the understanding. in the current situation it is often hard to develop this ability in students as soon as they have faced the difficulty in studies, they mostly leave the attempt to continue.

The point in this case is that the way and the speed people learn and manage to cope up with the information are different in every student. Nevertheless, students feel that they are left behind and that no one cares. The educator has to catch these signals and try to arrange the collaboration, so everyone would be satisfied. Such approach requires more time and smaller groups. For education process the bigger group means that the educator will not be able to control everyone, answer all questions on the topic or provide help for the particular student.

Nevertheless, the standardized system is also applied for education of the persons with special needs. Despite the fact that there exist the IEP, the Individualized Educational Program, the education stuff and process must meet the requirements of the NCLB. Educators who are willing to perform and help to develop people with the special need also have to pass the certification and licensure process. On one hand, this causes difficulties in the preparation process. On the other hand, if person wants to work in the special need she or he have to prove that they have enough skills to organize and manage the education process.

The most important thing is to understand that the aim of the certification and licensure is the need to find out if the educator has needed skills. This help to see the difference between the responsibilities educator share. Not everyone can be special educator, but everyone can do his or her best to become the educator, who will help student to learn and develop the skill of learning.

For teacher it is important to understand who is in his group. According to this he can develop education strategies and implement them on the spot. In this way, he develops students and his professional skills, which include the communicational skills, knowledge of the subject. The better educator knows the subject the higher is higher authority in the eyes of the student, because by knowing the limits of the group he develops the task, which student are able to finish. In this way, he develops the assuredness and student, step by step, continue to explore the world of knowledge.

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